Leah Greenspan Advertising and Marketing Ltd., was established in 1989 to provide professional marketing solutions for immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.

Our expertise in the Russian sector is based on extensive and up to date knowledge specifically applying to this unique target group who began arriving in Israel in the early1990s. Our constant research within the Russian Sector, the cooperation with the academic community and the ongoing work in various marketing fields, supply the company with a stream of expert data. This data empowers us with the capacity to follow and understand cultural and psychological habits, processes of opinion adjustment, the development of consumer habits etc.

In August 2006 the company merged with the Sectors Group which specializes in advertising for all sectors in the Israeli market, namely - the Russian, Arab, and Orthodox Jewish communities.

In 1989, Leah Greenspan established the first Israeli advertising agency to specifically address and serve the Russian immigrants from the FSU

Greenspan has over 30 years of experience in the marketing & advertising field and is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In addition, she completed a certificate studies in marketing management and international trade at the Haifa University.

Recognizing a need for professional training in the field of marketing, amongst the Russian community, Greenspan initiated in 1999 the establishment of a marketing and advertising school for Russian speakers. This was achieved through cooperation with the Israeli Advertising Association.

In March 2008, Leah Greenspan was awarded as Woman of Tel Aviv in honor of her contribution to the advancement of immigrant absorption.

Leah Greenspan Advertising and Marketing Ltd. provided services to well renowned companies in Israel involved in the fields of tele-communication, electrical home appliances, bedroom furniture, baby food etc. amongst which are : Bezeq, Bezeq International, Aminach, American Comfort, the Fattal hotel chain, the Leumi.Bank and more

20 years have passed since the mass immigration to Israel from the FSU. The presence of more than one million Russian speakers in Israel, a community proud of its background and language, injected a wealth of intellect and culture into Israeli society.

Their vast consumer's power has proven the Russian community to be a significant factor in the Israeli market. However, their particular needs and cultural codes demand a specific marketing strategy and a unique advertising concept.

The Honey, the Bear, and the Violin:
The Russian Voices of Israeli Advertising
Journal of Advertising Research

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